Getting on a ferry to go to a place I don’t know the name of because I just got on a ferry without knowing where it was going

… and I was hoping everyone else knew where they were going so I could pretend to fit in and just follow the crowds. I’m a huge sucker for a boat trip, I just love boats. I think it’s because I get the opposite of sea sick, I get sea-soothed. I just love the crusty taste of sea salt in my hair. If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong, I highly recommend just jumping on a sea vessel and praying you end up on dry land and not in the middle of a seedy pacific pirate drug deal. I think I had the other boat passengers fooled, they definitely looked at me and thought ‘wow that girl really knows where she’s going in life’. They weren’t wrong.


I’m 85% sure I caught a ferry to Kowloon and I’m 15% sure that I will always make sure I know where I’m going when boarding a sea vehicle.

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