Train to Busan

Hey there, loyal follower of Jo’s blog! Have you got a spare 15 minutes and a bottomless cup of tea? Well, you’re in for a treat because I’ve crammed in my long-weekend-getaway-Busan trip into one mega post because I don’t really have the patience to do it any other way! Hahah! Let’s get started, shall we?

Okay, from the beginning! Here are some strangers waiting for some trains to take them to some strange places at Daejeon Station. What you can’t see in this picture is that I had already ruined my crisp white shirt with chocolate fingers before the trip had even begun.IMG_1223

I haven’t yet seen the film Train to Busan but based on my track record of liking zero zombie films, I think I’ll just stick to my real life version of taking the train to Busan.

We arrived on Thursday evening and I was ready to snap photos of the old men and women of Busan as soon as we disembarked from the train. Our accommodation was called ‘Indy Hotel’ in the Haeundae Beach area!IMG_1232

‘Street food and existential chats on the beach’ – I’ve decided to name my autobiography this. IMG_1263

Day One: Jangsan Mountain

Cats being catsIMG_1344

Hiking up Jangsan Mountain – that’s right, folks, I went on a hike. 85% because I am doing a project about connecting local hikers to tourists for uni and 4% because I am forever overestimating my hiking abilities. IMG_1378

Hula hooping mid-hike.IMG_1395

Getting lost is part of the fun?IMG_1403IMG_1427IMG_1436

Youssef on top of Busan!IMG_1461

The theme of this Busan trip was ‘Jo is hungry and it has only been 2 hours since she last ate’. It was tricky to get a photo of me at the top of the mountain where I wasn’t scoffing down my crunchy apple. IMG_1472IMG_1483IMG_1486

Shoes outside the temple at the base of Jangsan.IMG_1503IMG_1512

Younggungsa Temple

A highly recommended temple visit, I mean, a temple is a temple, sure, but this temple is on the cliff’s edge and it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before!IMG_1524IMG_1533IMG_1541.jpgIMG_1549IMG_1566IMG_1579IMG_1602IMG_1604

Take the bus to the temple and never look back!IMG_1609

Dusk Dinner at Haeundae Beach


Day Two: Gamcheon Culture Village


This guy has seen some sh** in his lifetime:IMG_1770

So has this dude:IMG_1776

Busan Tower


An 8,000 KRW view of Busan was thoroughly enjoyable but not as enjoyable as getting some Asahi from the convenience store, chilling on these lounges while enjoying a free indie rock concert.IMG_1810

Gwangalli Beach Fish Market


Day Three: Busan Museum of Art

I’m being stalked by a ping pong cloud shadow!IMG_1857IMG_1859IMG_1864

There you have it, a condensed version of my Busan holiday! I love being able to head off to different parts of Korea on the weekend and come back to class on Monday like a normal university student. It’s very affordable and I feel fortunate that I am experiencing an entire country and its culture rather than just one city. I am going to post my colour images from Gamcehon culture village separately and hopefully, it will bring some joy to your Sunday evening. I’d really love to hear any feedback you have about my blog because I’m never quite sure if people just look at the images and scroll to the end, praying for it to be over soon.

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