Chuseok – Korean Thanksgiving

WOAH, I have a blog about Korea that I haven’t updated in 2 months. It is fair to say that I’m an entirely different person since my last post and also a very cold person. Going through a big chunk of assignment deadlines and presentations can really jolt a human and encourage them to grow quite uncontrollably. I’ve found a pocket of time at my local Green Brownie cafe to post a few images of what I’ve been up to the past 2 months. Sadly this means less witty Jo commentary and more threads of random images that I may or may not remember the context of. The Christmas songs are blaring in this hip cafe and it’s slightly overwhelming but we shall push on.

Chuseok happened a while ago, it was in October perhaps? Septemeber? Oh goodness…I googled it and it was in September. I spent Chuseok in my boyfriend’s hometown of Yeosu and needless to say, there was a bit of alcohol consumption and overeating going on. At this point, the weather was still sticky and hot hence my vague memory of events.

I succumbed to tourist peer pressure in this pic because everyone was taking a selfie here and I still have no idea what I’m standing in front of!


Cable cars in Yeosu! Worth the 17 year wait in the sweltering heat! DSC01462

A beach! The closest I’ve been to Australia in the past 4 months i.e. very South Korea, the most Southern South of South Korea.DSC01472DSC01475

I saw some little kids doing this pose so I decided to adopt it for myself. DSC01480

A dyeing shop with cute hats and scarvesDSC01493DSC01494DSC01518

Temple! Giving thanks to tiny turtles and perfectly stacked rocks!DSC01542DSC01553DSC01554DSC01565DSC01569

Dongdongju – not quite makgeolli but may as well be makgeolli to a clueless foreigner like me. DSC01576DSC01579

Actual makgeolli and a catDSC01584

And that, folks, was my Chuseok week. Forgive the lack of family time photos and delicious food pics, I was busy using the 7 Korean words I know to converse with a non-English speaking family.



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