So long, Daejeon

I said goodbye to the brown, dry wintery leaves of Daejeon on Saturday. I’m sure if there is ever an all you can eat fried kimchi competition being held ONLY in Daejeon, I’ll return to this lukewarm city but for now, it is farewell.

In all seriousness, this city is the perfect side dish for KAIST. It’s a great way to escape the stress and feelings of inferiority among your peers. I would love to return here to do post-graduate study but that will just have to depend on how important GPAs are… because…and this is real talk here, my GPA is not looking too schmick these days (or any days).

Now I’m moving onto Seoul, then Osaka and lastly Tokyo for the New Years festivities. Thank you, Daejeon, for being the place I call home for the last four months. I’ve done a lot of growing, friendship building, falling in love-ing and challenge over-coming in my Industrial Design course. It has been a blast and I’m excited to see what my Korean future holds!


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