Fortune Telling Dispenser in Ikseong-dong, Seoul, South Korea

A few weeks ago, my friend Miranda and I ventured to Ikseongdong and Insadong for an afternoon of exploring. These areas of Seoul are full of Korean Hanok homes and traditional art, clothing and tea houses. You must visit this part of Seoul on your next visit to South Korea.

On our way to find a cafe, we walked past a fortune dispenser along a tiny alleyway in Ikseongdong. Miranda very kindly lent me the dollar (1000 KRW) to get my fortune, too (I’m not a big cash carrier). We decided to go with our Chinese zodiac rather than our horoscope sign. I am born in the year of the rat (in case you were curious). After inserting the money, and out popped a ball with my magical fortune inside. The plastic snap-fit ball was reminiscent of those from a gumball machine that actually dispenses tiny toys that usually ended up in someone’s mouth and on the local news.

The fortune was all in Korean and it was nonsense, but it was fun to have a nice day out with a friend in a place I haven’t been to since 2017!

Published by Johanna Quinn

I'm Johanna and I write and make videos about living in Seoul, South Korea. I currently work as a designer in the Korean tech startup world and volunteer as a Community Leader with Seoul Startups.

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